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Anesthesia & Surgery
Antibiotic Resistance
Compounding Pharmacies
Consumer Drug Safety Info
Consumer Info Sites/Resources
Drugs/Herb/Supplement/Food Interactions
Drugs & Dental/Mouth Health
Drugs & Nutrition/Health
Emerging Uses of Drugs
Gender & Drugs
Generic Issues
Immune System Modulators
Pain Medication
Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
Pill Identifiers
Specific Drugs Notes
Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH)






Anesthesia & Surgery
Anesthesia, Surgery and CFS/FM/MCS

Herbal Medicine & Anesthesia

Herbal Medications and Anesthesia: Another Study Warns About Problems

Intra-Operative Awareness

Effects of Vitamin C on Anesthetics


Antibiotic Resistance
Bacteria 'send message' to ailing colonies

Dead Bugs Don't Mutate


Compounding Pharmacies
Santa Clara Drug

Women's International Pharmacy


Consumer/Drug Safety Information

DrugsDb (Spanish available)

MedWatch - FDA Safety & Adverse Event Reporting

Tips for the Savvy Supplement User (FDA)

Deciphering Prescriptions

Do Medications Really Expire?


Consumer Information Sites/Resources
Searching the Internet for Drug Information

Center for Drug Evaulation & Research (FDA) (Spanish available)

Drugs and You: A Guide for Patients (Drugs & Herbs)

Drug Formulary and Related Information

GNC HealthNotes

Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (Sloan-Kettering)

Inactive Ingredient Database

MedlinePlus Drug Information

Office of Dietary Supplements (NIH)

Outpatient Intravenous Therapy Resources

Rx List - The Internet Drug List

WebMD Drugs and Herbs

USDA Flavinoids In Food Database

Vitamin & Herb University Drugs & Medications



Drugs and Dental/Mouth Health
Asthma medications linked to xerostomia, caries

Drug-Induced Gingival Hyperplasia

Inside Out: Oral Signs of Medical Problems

Is Coconut Oil A Cure for Hypothyroidism?


Drugs and Nutrition/Health
Iron, Anemia and Hypothyroidism: A double-edged sword for anemic thyroid patients

To Fu or Not To Fu: Soy's the Question


Emerging Uses of Drugs
Low-Dose Antibiotics for Rheumatic/Inflammatory Diseases


Gender and Drugs
See the articles in Gender and Drugs and Gender and Pain


Generic Issues
Are Generic Drugs as Effective as Brand Name? - Not Always!


Guaifenesin: Quack, Cure or Conumdrum?

Guaifenesin: Is One Placebo Better Than Another?

The Truths and Myths of the use of Guaifenesin for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Flare from Robitussin®?

MEDLINEplus: Guaifenesin, Robaxin


Alternative Medicine Foundation

An Ideal Match? Drugs and Herbs (Drugs & Herbs)

Herbs, Botanicals and Other Products (Sloan-Kettering)

Herbal Medication and Anesthesia


Herbs and Drugs - Mayo Clinic

MEDLINEplus: Alternative Medicine

MEDLINEplus: Herbal Medicine

The Alternative Medicine Homepage

Vitamin & Herb University


Immune System Modulators
Glutathione (Immunocal)

Immunovir (Isoprinosine): Sources and Dosages for CFS

Use of Thymic Protein A in CFS and Related Autoimmune Disorders


Interactions Interactions Checker (Drugs & Herbs)

HealthLine Drugs, Medications & Supplements

Herb & Drug Interactions (Mayo)

Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (Sloan-Kettering)

MedlinePlus Drug Information

Side Effects Hub

Thyroid Drugs FAQ about Food, Drug and Supplement Interactions

Vitamin & Herb University

WebMD Drug Database


Pill Identifiers

Pill Identification Wizard, at
This is extremely useful if you have an adverse reaction or allergic reaction. It isn't always easy to figure out who the drug manufacturer is froms the capsule or tablet, or the label on hte prescription bottle. Using the Pill ID Wizard, you can find out that info and, depending on how computer literate you are (cutting and pasting, and basic formatting in a word processing document), you can start to build your own illustrated reference guide, one that will be of you to you as a memory aid, and that you can hand your pharmacist or physician when needed. Here's an example of a page I just created for me.

Pill Identifier at




Pain Medication
Benefits and Risk of Opiates - Johns Hopkins

Opioids May Have New Use (Shingles)

The Case for Morphine

The Tylenol Toxicity Issue


Patient Assistance Programs
California Medicare Recipients Eligible for Medi-Cal Pricing on Rx Drug

Help for CFIDS Patients (PDF file)

Patient Assistance Programs

Medicare Voluntary Drug Benefit Program:

       Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


60 Minutes (CBS): Prescriptions & Profit


Notes on Specific Drugs
Acetaminophen (Tylenol):Poisonings From a Popular Pain Reliever Are Rising

Cipro (& Other Quinolones) Information & Side Effects

FluMist™ Q & A

Immune Deficiency Foundation: FluMist™ Vaccine Warning

Vitamin D: From muscle strength to immunity, scientists find new benefits

What's Up With Thyrolar?


Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH)
Potential treatments for chemical assaults.

Thyroid Function in Neurosomatic Disorders: Stimulation of Trigeminal Nerve Activity with TRH


Vaccines Undermined

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