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Some people wonder who I am and what my background is. I have no problem with their wanting to know, indeed, I think learning a bit a person who is presenting information about something as important as animal care and behavior is a good thing. People should want to know more about the people who are providing information rather than simply accepting what someone says without knowing anything about their background, education, experience, training, and bias, if any.

Knowing something about a site owner or an author can be a useful tool in sifting through the growing amount of information appearing on the Internet and in books and magazine articles. The truth is that knowledge and experience are not necessarily the same thing, nor are they necessarily prerequisites for getting magazine articles and books published. And in this day when anyone who has access to a computer can put up a website, knowledge is certainly not a requisite for developing content for a website, just as knowledge about the animals sold is not a requirement for anyone who wants to open or work in a pet store.

And so...
I've been disabled since 1990 from a neuroendocrinoimmune disorder triggered by exposure to crude oil that occurred while working on oil spills, something that probably happened to me because it was layered on top of long-term subclinical tickborne infections. This ultimately left me unable to do much but read and clean up poop...and do a lot of research and reading and observation, especially of iguanas. Some people think this sounds like a dream life; it is, however, anything but… In 2000, I was re-tested for tickborne diseases and found to have three of them, including Lyme disease.

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