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The symptoms experienced by most people with CFS, FM and many other autoimmune diseases occur in people with other disorders. The following disorders may be the cause of some or all the symptoms, or the disorders may set in about the same time as the original autoimmune disorder or in the years following onset, as the body remains stressed beyond the ability of the organs and systems to work effectively. The following disorders should be checked for and treated if found. While treating them may not make you completely well again, treatment will help your body deal better with everything else. Since many of these disorders have neurological components, addressing the disorder may help improve some areas of cognitive function.

Note: Many of us have been saying for years that Lyme and other tickborne diseases are the cause of the CFS symptoms in a major subpopulation of people diagnosed with CFS. It doesn't matter if you think you've never been bitten by a tick, or if you never go hiking or encounter deer. If you live where there are cats or dogs in your neighbors’ yards, or where there are squirrels or birds, or raccoons and opossums passing through in the night, you are living in tick territory. Lyme Disease Presenting as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Carbon Monoxide
Leaky Gut/Intestinal Permeability
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Sjögren's Syndrome
Sleep/Sleep Disorders
Testing Labs
Zoonoses & Co-Infections
Other Disorders

Is your physician putting down your Internet research?
Google Searches Out the Diagnosis, Stat

A genetic clue in why some people get sick and others don't:
Genetic Breakthrough Reveals Differences Between Humans


ANS/PNI (Autonomic Nervous System & Psychoneuroimmunology)
Wherein we find that, contrary to Western specialization-based medicine, the body's systems and the brain are interconnected myriad complex ways that such specialization fails to adequately address, resulting in a failure to properly diagnose and treat or mitigate the patient's symptoms and quality of life issues.

The Infection Connection in Schizophrenia
Integrating Mainstream and Holistic Care (R. Wilson)
A neurobiological model of socio-emotional and communication disorders
Polyvagal Theory: Three Neural Circuits Regulate Behavioral Reactivity
Psychoneuroimmunology (K. Matter-Walstra)
Psychoneuroimmunology (J. Elander)
Spreading a New Idea on Disease


Carbon Monoxide
Long term exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide (CO) can cause symptoms identical to CFS and Lyme disease, especially in its neurotoxic effects. CO may be caused by gas heaters (wall, stove, central heating), gas-powered tools, and propane devices. Note that propane gas breaks down into another well-known neurotoxin: formaldehyde. For more information on indoor air pollutants, please see the Occupational & Environmental Illness and Sick Building Syndrome sections of the Chemical Sensitivities page.


Lead Poisoning & Testing
While many of these sites talk specifically about children, the fact is that it is all too easy for adults to unknowingly ingest or inhale toxic levels of lead which may be missed by a physician since lead poisoning is not usually associated with adults.
CDC: Lead Poisoning Lead
EPA: Lead Hazard Info Pamphlet
EPA: Lead in Your Drinking Water
EPA: Lead in Indoor Air Pollution Lead Testing FAQ
Lead in Drinking Water
MEDLINEplus: Lead Poisoning
Nutrition & Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Sampling & Testing for Residential Lead Abatement
Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels (AAP)

Home Lead Test Kits
Lead Tester Kit


Leaky Gut Syndrome/Intestinal Permeability
Chemical Sensitivity in Patients with Fibromyalgia
Intestinal Permeability
Leaky Gut Syndrome

Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs: Digestive Stool Analysis; Intestinal Permeability


Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning
Biting Back
Common Sources of Ethylmercury
Keeping Tabs on Mercury: It's time for the US to set ip a surveillance program
Tufts University Environmental Health & Safety: Organo Mercury
Mercury Policy Project (MPP)
Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program (San Francisco)
Mercury Toxicity Misdiagnosed as CFS
On Liver, Thyroid, and Toxicity
Testing Labs

Sources of Ethylmercury
Removal of dental amalgam decreases anti-TPO and anti-Tg autoantibodies in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis.


Multiple Sclerosis
American Autoimmune-Related Disease Association > Search term: multiple sclerosis
International MS Support Foundation
MS Center
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
National Institutes of Health
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The World of Multiple Sclerosis (UK site) MS


Neurotoxins are produced by infectious organisms and, recent research has found, by something in the bodies of people with CFS.
Neurotoxin Discovered in CFS (Ciguatoxin)
Neurotoxins: Diagnosis and Treatment Information for CFS, FM, MCS


Sjögren's Syndrome
Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation
MEDLINEplus Sjögren's Sydnrome
Sjögren's Syndrome Online Support


Systemic Lupus Erythrematosis (SLE) Resources
Lupus Foundation of America
Lupus!Help (UK)
Lupus Canada
Lupus Center
Lupus Careguide for Nurses and Other HCP > Search term: lupus
Living with Lupus: When the body turns on itself
Do I Need an ANA? Some Thoughts About Man’s Best Friend and the Transmissibility of Lupus


Testing Laboratories
IGenex Laboratory - Tickborne diseases
List of Specialty Clinical Pathology Testing Labs


Other Zoonoses and Co-Infections
Please keep in mind that the CDC understates the spread and severity of may zoonotic diseases, such as Lyme, Babesia, and many others.
Anthroponoses, Zoonoses, and Sapronoses
Brucellosis Disease; Bio-Terrorism (CDC)
Brucellosis Triangle
Chronic Neurotoxins
Dinner, Pets, and Plagues by the Bucketful
Heliobacter pylorii
Infections in CFIDS
Marine Toxins
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Cryptostrongylus pulmoni (Roundworm)
The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident
The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
The Role of Bioengineering in CFS, GWS and AIDS
The Role of Chronic Infections in Chronic Illnesses
See also the general zoonoses info at Herp Zoonoses


Other Disorders
Chronic Myofascial Pain (Myofascial Pain Syndrome)
Dental Health and Chronic Illness
Depression & Other Mental Health Disorders
Epstein-Barr Virus: Viral Survivor
Epstein-Barr & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Estrogen Dominance/Xenoestrogen
Got TMJ? Got Tooth Ache/Pain? It Might Be Lyme Disease!
Hypercoagulation (Hypercoagulable State)
Immunology Needs a '70s Groove
Iron: Too Much or Too Little Can Cause All-Too-Familiar Problems
Low-Dose Antibiotics for Rheumatic/Inflammatory Diseases
Monosodium Glutamate(MSG)
Orthostatic Intolerance (Neurally Mediated Hypotension)
Prediabetes (Syndrome X)
Spreading a New Idea on Disease
Polyvagal Theory: Three Neural Circuits Regulate Behavioral Reactivity
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