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Regional Medical Libraries
If you come across a journal article abstract for which you would like to get the full-text article, you can order them online through Lonesome Doc or contact your regional medical library directly. Some libraries will give you free online access to many of their databases and recommended weblinks; for a small annual fee, you may also be able to get access to the more expensive databases they subscribe to. Regional medical libraries are open to the general public who may use the available resources there to do research on health issues. Many RML have staff who are able to fill information requests for those unable to get to the RML Contact your RML to find out what services and resources they have available and what fees, if any, are associated with them.


Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB)
You aren't crazy--they really are talking about you! Exchanging information about you and your family, too. If you are covered under a group insurance plan, chances are the insurance company is reporting on all services and diagnoses they have paid on you and your covered family members. This information is used by other insurance companies when you apply for coverage with them. Find out what exactly it is that they are finding out about you. Call and get a copy of their information request form, or send a letter including your name (and any other name by which you may have obtained medical services during the past 7 years), your social security number, and current address. The processing of your information request generally takes 6 weeks. You will get confirmation of receipt of your request before the




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