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Essential Oils

Natural doesn't necessarily mean safe...

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Many people think essential oils are safe because they are "natural". If "natural" were the deciding criteria, then why are so many people having their mercury-laced fillings removed? The mercury molecules and vapor, set adrift into the mouth after chewing hot foods, are, after all, natural, so what's the concern? Carbon monoxide and radon are natural, too, so why are people so worried about detecting them?

The problem is that chemicals are the natural weapons of plants as well as being pollinator attractants. People who use essential oils, applying them to their bodies or launching them into the air, must keep in mind that, just as tobacco smoke affects everyone around the smoker and lingers long after the smoker has left the room, the same goes for perfumes and essential oils. Many people who become ill upon exposure to perfumes and other fragranced products, become equally ill when exposed to "natural" essential oils in any form, including aromatherapy products such as candles, atomized mists, oils, lotions, etc.

When I go into the mall, even though I stay away from the department stores, I still have to wear my filter mask when entering any store selling scented products, including aromatherapy and body and bath products. Just walking past such stores leaves me hoarse and instantly congested if I am not already wearing my mask.

Unfortunately, you won't find many links here, because what little research there exists on essential oils is still limited to their use as pesticides and other biocides (which right there should be a clue to those who persist in insisting that natural is the same as healthy or safe), despite some federal agencies now recognizing the perfumes and scented cleaning products are a source of indoor air pollution. As long as essential oils and aromatherapy are consigned to the "fringe" element, the harm they cause will be ignored both by those who think they are improving their health and environment, and by those who regulate and monitor chemicals.

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