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Poliomyelitis and CFS

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan

In the year 2002, there is still wild-type poliomyelitis in the world and continuing reports of vaccine-derived polio cases being reported from around the world. The following collection of articles discusses the possible links between polio and CFS, and the government's failure to pay attention to the evidence brought to their attention in the US, while they downpla the occurance of vaccine-related polio aroung the world, all the while remaining silent on the polioviruses that are not included in the vaccines.


Polio & CFS
Chronic fatigue syndrome: another name for polio
Still not mad at the prevarications, coverups and disbelief of the medical and psychiatric communities, the federal government, your family and friends...? If nothing else has done it, this article by Jane Colby should do the trick. My suggestion: send copies of this to your senators, congressional representatives, local news papers, and your doctors. Don't forget to read the other polio and stealth virus articles, too.

A Shot In The Dark
Many Americans unknowingly became infected with a simian virus when they got their polio vaccinations between 1955-1963. The government knew about it, but covered it up to prevent a panic in the public. Now, 30-40 years later, we are seeing not only a reactivation of the polio virus, but rare and unusual cancers amongst individuals who lived in states where the vaccines were known to be heavily contaminated by the simian virus. On a personal note: I was born in Iowa in of the states with heavily contaminated vaccines. When we moved to California, another state receiving contaminated vaccines, I was still young enough to have to be vaccinated for polio... 

Undiagnosed Childhood Polio Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Women Baby Boomers
This press release from the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center's Post-Polio Institute discusses Richard L. Bruno PhD's new book, The Polio Paradox: Uncovering the Hidden History of Polio to Understand and Treat "Post-Polio Syndrome" and Chronic Fatigue, and additional information on the possibility that CFS is actually non-paralytic polio or the post-polio syndrome in those who were unknowingly infected in childhood by a nonparalytic polio.

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Polio Vaccine Might Have Carried Virus
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Recommended Reading
The Polio Paradox, by Richard L. Bruno
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