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Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH)

A critical factor in intestinal permeability/leaky gut syndrome

Compiled by Melissa Kaplan

Melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSH) are peptide hormones secreted by the intermediate lobe of the pituitary. They stimulate melanin release and dispersal. MSH are also found in the brain where they may play a signaling role. Melanocytes are special cells in the skin and eye that synthesize melanin pigments. Clusters of melanocytes may occur on the skin, called moles.

Because MSH are so closely aligned with our skin, it's no surprise that it is surprising to find that one of the MSH, alpha-MSH, apparently plays a critical role in the ability of our gut to function properly.

The following articles go into the link between MSH, neurotoxins, and MSH's effect on gut integrity.

alpha-MSH modulates experimental inflammatory bowel disease
Anti-inflammatory effects of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in celiac intestinal mucosa
Discovery May Lead to First Medical Treatment for Celiac Disease
Ritchie Shoemaker MD on Leaky Gut & MSH
New Theory Links Neurotoxins with CFS, Lyme, MCS and Other "Mystery" Illnesses Part 1, Part 2


a-MSH Testing
Blood for the test can be drawn at your doctor's office or local lab and sent to the labs doing MSH testing for the actual test processing. Your doctor should contact these labs to find out how the blood is to be handled prior to submission to the lab (tube type, etc.).

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